MCM Comic Con!

Hello Narwhals! I’m going to MCM tomorrow with Hannah as Amethyst! I will hopefully post a video of us on the blog so look out for that on Monday!


Shrimpecca’s WIP (Work in Progress) song: Magic in the Stars!

Cuz there magic in the skies,  butterflies in stars,

Cuz nothing compares to except for your beauty to,

Cuz there magic in the stars, I wanna know your name, I wanna feel your pain

Cuz I will never part with a half empty heart, cuz there’s magic in the stars.

My story!

As the sun shone beautifully through the windows, Sachi and Seiko bounced on the bed, laughing and chatting playfully. Then all of a sudden, Seiko blurted out a mysterious   question :

“Hey Sachi, have you ever heard of an Ouija board?”. Baffled, Sachi shook her head.

“Well, it’s a board with the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. I was thinking we could try it together! Do you have a jar?” Sachi nodded and pulled out a jar, meanwhile Seiko drew all the symbols on the paper. Seeming very excited, Seiko put her fingers on the jar and tempted Sachi to do the same. Seiko asked a question, after a few seconds of thinking.

“Is anyone here?” Then, the jar began to slowly creep over to the letter Y. Sachi curiously asked Seiko is she was moving it, but Seiko denied any accusation. Next the jar moved to E and then S. Without thinking, Sachi asked what the spirit’s name was – then (almost immediately) the jar spelt out the word ‘Nina’. After repeating the routine a few more times, Seiko and Sachi questioned how Nina moved to the afterlife. However, the answer was not what they expected. First, the letter G showed up, after that it was O – anxiety and fear began to build up. H, I, D. Only one letter remained. E. Go hide. That was the message.

Moments flew by in seconds, Seiko and Sachi were paralyzed with fear, and desperately wanted to burn all evidence of this terrifying event. So they did. Silently, they concealed their experience to only themselves, making sure no one knew about – otherwise – who knew what would happen? For one thing, Seiko was discovering scratches on her face – peculiar indeed. Time passed, and eventually Seiko had to go home. After saying their goodbyes and farewells, Sachi entered her house again, and began to fall asleep into her dreams….


BEEP BEEP! Sachi’s phone blared in her face and was woken up by a notification from Seiko. Putting on her glasses to clear up her vision, she read the text with caution – what if it was Nina?

“Hey Sachi, this is weird but I found a music box in my bag and a very long scar all across my arm and don’t know how it got there. My kittens are downstairs so that can’t be it. My guess is that it’s Zozo (a well-known evil spirit) that Nina told us to hide from and Nina is protecting you.” That’s a very wild guess Seiko. But what other explanation was there? Only time would tell….

Oujia boards..and why they are evil!

As some of you may know, me and Rebecca made our own Oujia board and had a go – originally as a joke and a little fun.

What I didn’t know is that it was real..very real. We met a spirit called Nina, and was a friendly spirit, her only message was : “Go hide”. After that, we immediately stopped, said good bye to Nina, and burnt the Oujia Board. Rebecca shortly left and I began to hear noises, and Becca kept feeling a hand on her neck. What will happen next?

Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! Welcome to Narwhal World, my new blog! I made this so we can all communicate to each other safely. If you have any questions, or want to change something, let me know and I’ll look at it. Bye and have fun ❤